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Meet the Owners

Remenace Vintage Owners, Jason Munoz and Claudia Cantu

Since 2016, Remenace Vintage has been sourcing a wide variety of vintage clothing from various decades. While living in Denver, Co., Jason and Claudia rediscovered their love of finding unique pre-loved items and started selling them on eBay. When they realized that they had a talent for finding items that are in high demand, they began selling on other online platforms, at local markets, and they started traveling across the country to larger events. 

In 2022, the couple moved back to Texas and opened their first brick-and-mortar store in Mcallen, Texas! 


If you can't make it into Remenace Vintage, you can find their items online ("Shop Us Online").

Get first access to our items up for sale and where you can find us at upcoming events by following us on Instagram.

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